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TNBR-26015-Interruptor unipolar 10A _Ideale e SobrePlus

TNBR-26017-Plugue desmontavel 2P 10A 90o

TNBR-26018-Plugue desmontavel 2P 20A 180o

TNBR-26014-Interruptor 10A_Externa

TNBR-26016-Plugue desmontavel 2P 20A 90o

TNBR-26020-Tomada desmontavel 2P 10A

TNBR-26022-Tomada modular de embutir 2P-T 10A _Pluzi e Matiz

TNBR-26021-Tomada desmontavel 2P 20A

TNBR-26019-Plugue desmontavel 2P 10A 180o

TNBR-26025-Tomada nao desmontavel 2P 10A_Externa

TNBR-26023-Tomada modular de embutir 2P-T 20A _Revier

TNBR-26026-Tomada Facil Ideale 2P-T 10A

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