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Pluzie is a 100% Brazilian company that produces high quality electrical materials, such as switches, sockets, finishing plates, ceiling lights, sockets, pins, plugs and channels.

Located in the city of Leme, 200km from São Paulo, it has an area of more than 20,000 square meters on the banks of Via Anhanguera.

With constant investments, Pluzie employs cutting-edge technology and continually seeks the quality of its products and services. In the project sector, engineers and designers seek to create differentiated products, with maximum quality and competitive costs.

Pluzie produces its own molds with high technology, obtaining perfect and precise results. In the injection sector, modern and efficient machines use virgin raw materials, thus reflecting the quality of the products manufactured by Pluzie.


years ofexperience


We relentlessly seek excellence in the production and marketing of innovative, high-quality products, effectively meeting customer needs at competitive costs.


We are committed to constant technological innovation, personalized service and delivering superior perceived value.


Furthermore, we aim to be industry leaders, positively impacting communities and the environment, while practicing social and environmental responsibility.


Our success is linked to customer satisfaction, constant innovation and positive impact on the world, guided by integrity, passion and respect.


We aspire to be the highest reference in the Electrical Material sector.


We seek to stand out as undisputed leaders in quality, competitiveness and profitability, inspiring excellence and confidence.


Our vision includes a commitment to constant innovation, the search for strategic partnerships and the balance between sustainable profitability and social and environmental responsibility.


Our success is measured by customer recognition, market share expansion, solid profitability and high customer satisfaction ratings.


At Pluzie, vision is not just a goal, but the impulse that guides our daily actions, led by integrity, innovation and passion.


1. Collective Humility: We recognize success as a joint effort, valuing humility in all interactions. We are open to continuous learning and respect diversity of ideas, recognizing that each member contributes to joint success.


2. Inclusive Commitment: We promote an inclusive environment, where each contribution is respected. We encourage collaboration and knowledge sharing to strengthen our team.


3. Clear Transparency: We cultivate a culture of transparency in all operations, communicating clearly and openly with employees, customers and partners to build lasting trust.


4. Tangible Effectiveness: We are committed to achieving tangible results in all activities, valuing operational efficiency and the ability to fulfill commitments.


5. Innovative Mindset: We encourage an innovative mindset, believing that it is essential for sustainable growth. We encourage creativity and the constant search for innovative solutions.


Our numbers



We are present in more than 120 cities, distributed across several states and regions of Brazil.



We have more than 10,000 customers throughout Brazil.



Located in the city of Leme, we have an area of more than 20,000 square meters on the banks of Via Anhanguera.

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